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About us

The Mantra App – Ushering in the Age of Digital Worship

Facilitating online poojas and darshanams in 600+ temples of India for devotees across the globe.

We created the Mantra App to connect devotees with temples across the nation, helping them strengthen their traditional roots and experience divine happiness as they offer poojas and archanas to their beloved gods and goddesses. It is the ideal way of offering prayers and conducting yajnas in an online world, where visiting temples in person might not be possible.

Services we provide

What makes us different

Remote Poojas and Darshanam

Offer poojas and watch them being performed remotely, from your home. Book a slot for an online darshanam of your beloved deities.

Darshanam Timings and Pooja Listings

Learn about darshanam timings for each temple you plan to visit and the poojas that can be offered there. Stay updated with the functioning hours and services of all temples.

Gift a Pooja

Gift your loved ones a pooja, share the happiness of conducting a homam/yajnam, at your chosen temple and deity.

Book a Purohit

Book the services of our knowledgeable purohits who can guide you online about the pooja you perform at home.

What Sets Us Apart – Our Features

Up-to-Date Information of 600+ Temples

We provide you with extensive, updated information regarding temple timings, services, pooja offerings, and temple management committees, so you never have to stand in a long line again.

Advanced Temple Search

We have 600 temples listed and 30+ temples signed up on the Mantra App. Search for your revered deity and temple from our comprehensive listings.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Purohits

Connect with experienced priests and purohits on the Mantra App, who perform your poojas following all the necessary Vedic rites and rituals.

Regular Event-Related Notifications

Recieve notifications for any upcoming major events at your favorite temples, to participate in the them online or offline.

Easy Booking Services

An easy-to-use interface and simplified navigation make it extremely easy to book a pooja service on the Mantra App.

Online Temple Donation

Send a donation to your favorite and revered temples at the click of a button.

The Mantra for Temples

Digital Presence, e-Offerings, and Global Reach

Let followers from across the globe offer poojas and donations to your temple.

Listing your temple on the Mantra App gives you the opportunity to connect with devotees from across the world, opening the doors of digital access. Give your followers the happiness of seeing their beloved deity and experiencing the divine omnipresence of God.

The Mantra App also helps you list all the poojas you offer in the temple and donation options for devotees to choose from.

The Mantra

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Main Features

Our App Highlights

Temple Booking

Book a pooja onlinefor yourself or your loved ones at any of the temples listed on the Mantra App.

  • Search and Select options by Temple or Deity
  • 50+ different types of pooja/homam/yajnam you wish to offer
  • Complete information about the date and timing availability
  • Easy and secure payment options

List New Temple

List your temple on the Mantra App and step into the digital era of devotion. Reach devotees from across the world.

  • Detailed verification and registration process to ensure authenticity
  • Access to thousands of devotees from across the world
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Pooja request notifications and availability confirmation options

Book a Purohit

Planning to perform a pooja at your home? Choose from our pool of experienced, knowledgeable purohits who can guide you through all the Vedic rituals properly.

  • Trusted pundits who explain the meaning of the rituals performed
  • In-depth study and experience of performing poojas
  • Step by step guidance
  • Complete adherence to scriptures

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