The Mantra App is a bridge between devotees and temples. We help devotees access all the services and offerings of over 600 temples online, without having to travel to the temple in person.

Remote Poojas and Darshanam

Physically travelling to temples has become difficult and risky in a post-pandemic world. With the Mantra App, you can offer poojas and watch them being performed remotely, from the safety of your home.

In addition, you can also book a slot for an online darshanam of your beloved deities on a date and timing that suits your requirements. No more need to stand in long lines for a brief glimpse of your gods and goddesses.

Darshanam Timings and Pooja Listings

The Mantra App has a detailed list of darshanam timings for each temple so you can plan your visit accordingly. This helps you stay updated with the functioning hours and services of all temples.

In addition, know all about the poojas that can be offered at the temple and the most auspicious timings to do so.

Gift a Pooja

It is said that there is no better karma than helping someone perform good deeds and moving a step closer to moksha. You can gift your loved ones a pooja by using the Mantra app and share the happiness of conducting a homam/yajnam, at your chosen temple and deity.

Enable your family members and friends to experience the joy and satisfaction of conducting a shastra-shuddha pooja and earning punyam.

Book a Purohit

Planning to perform a pooja at home? Get the help of learned and experienced Purohits who have been performing Vedic rituals for many years.

With the Mantra App, you can book the services of our knowledgeable purohits who can guide you online about the pooja you perform at home. In addition, they also explain the meaning and significance of the poojas as you perform them.

Online Temple Donation

Contribute to the upkeep and maintenance of the temples by making a donation to your favorite and revered temples. Mantra’s easy payment options help you donate to the temple of your choice at the click of a button.

India is home to over 2 million temples dedicated to 33 koti gods and goddesses. Be a part of the spiritual journey through this the land of temples with the Mantra App.