About Us

Our temples and the rich traditions of poojas and homams bring us enormous peace an dissatisfaction. The feeling of connecting to the Supreme Being and experiencing transcendental happiness is sublime and can only be obtained by performing a pooja with complete devotion.

Unfortunately, in this digital age, people find themselves disconnecting from religion and connecting to their mobile devices instead. Furthermore, visitng temples and travelling for pilgrimages has become difficult in the post-pandemic world.


The Mantra App seeks to bridge this increasing gap between temples and devotees by offering an easy way for devotees to connect and visit their revered temples.

With the Mantra App, devotees can offer poojas and archanas to their beloved gods and goddesses. Temples can register themselves and build an online presence. They can update information like functioning hours, poojas offered, hours of seva and much more. Devotees can use the app to find temples, discover the poojas they offer, and book pooja slots online.

Our Mission

Our aim is to foster a feeling of spiritualism and religiousness among an increasingly digital generation thus helping them understand our rich traditions and Vedic philosophy in great depth.

Download the Mantra App today to experience the happiness of earnest devotion!

The Mantra App

Available in both iOS & Android stores